Toots: the Wi-Fi Cat

Now reduced in price - strokenly good.

Toots is a fun story that features the parallel but interconnected worlds of humans and cats with the inevitable relationships and amusing encounters between them as they live together in our complex world.

The story demonstrates the interplay of skills and disasters that can befall both two- and four-legged participants and how each species can help the other – without actually realising it, in some cases!

The tail tale of Toots does start rather softly in an innocent gentle manner outlining the hierarchy and history of a group of cats but moves into the arena of greed, mayhem, endeavour and devastation.   It is probably best for folk of 12 or more years, but will nevertheless give some giggles and smiles in readers of all ages.

The cost of owning this epic yarn is a mere, £3.99 GBP - its a purrfect gift! Please let us know if you enjoyed Toots - especially the ending.

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About Toot's Story

Toots - himself

Toots - the WiFi Cat

Toots being a remarkable cat can ‘hear’ smart speakers and what nearby cats are thinking. A flooded badger sett leads to Trude Tupi, a property developer and her disreputable sidekick, losing her car and having to construct a building she did not want. A chef with a poor throwing arm leads to considerable hilarious mayhem.
Toots provides a completely fresh approach to the feline world that is explained with a startling deadpan ferocity and yet also outrageously funny.
Buster is still actually writing about his chum Toots, as he needs to get all the facts in the place at the right time - you will understand when you read the story. It will be along soonish.
From surprisingly ordinary and logical events in and around Buster's Patch, unbelievable mayhem ensues that ultimately leaves more questions than answers.


Short Stories

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The background to Buster and how he became to be on his own, and the start of his adventures.

Mrs Kingsley

This was the very first Buster story that has had
many endings, mainly by school children both
in the UK and France.

A Good Day

This really happened to Buster and it took him days to get over the shock of ‘extras’ on his Patch - despite secretly essentially liking kittens!

Buster's Bushes

Fortunately the bushes are rather quick growing jobs and after a few months into the summer, Buster had his forward observation post back.

Buster's Bench

An example of the day-to-day anxieties that
must be endured when running a Patch.


A superb example of Buster seeing a
tragedy and then finding a benefit in it.

Buster's Thought

Buster is always thinking of ways to get the
most out of his Patch. He has also given
a word search based on theis story.


New Year Resolutions that are very,
very specific to Buster!


Buster gets some strange but enjoyable
feelings - it must be love.

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